Перевод песни Chess In Concert – You And I

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Those whose love is as strong as it could or should be
Nothing has altered --
-- Yet everything's changed
No one stands still
Still I love you completely
And hope I always will
Each day we get through
Means one less mistake
Left for the making
And there's no return
As we slowly learn
Of the chances we're taking
I'd give the world
To stay just as we are
It's better by far
Not to be too wise
Not to realize
Where there's truth
There will be lies
You and I
We've seen it all
Been down this road before
Yet we go on believing
And I
We've seen it all
Chasing our hearts' desire
Yet I still think I'm certain
This time it will be
My happy ending
Thank you. It's from Molokov -- you were right. She's here, landed from Moscow
this morning. Bastard