Перевод песни Eric Benét – While You Were Here

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Through this veil of tears
I can see what was suppose to be
Now it's all clear
Love from you was so real, so
True, genuine
Stronger than time
Wipe your tears away
Kiss you every morning
Hear every word you had to say
Are all the things i should have done
While you were heere
And now the foolish boy has grown
Into this man I'm sorry you've
Never known
I'm not afraid to love
'Cause every beat of my heart
Echoes all those memories from way
Back when
And the man I should have been
Faded dreams of you and me
And of our little family
Gone forever
My God in heaven
Before the gift of clarity
We pay the price of misery
Why please tell me why
Her mommy's gone away
But in her eyes I see you more each day
How can I repay
All your love unreturned
From so long, long ago
Now i know
Alternate chorus:
I'll wipe her tear away
Kiss her every morning
Hear every word she has to say
Do all the things that you
Would do if you were here
Brighten her rainy day
Catch her when she's fallen
Say I love you each and every day
Do all the things that you
Would do if you were here