Перевод песни Lil Boosie – No Mercy

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«Ho's lie, nigga's die», thats what my OG told me My ghetto (my ghetto), if you make it to see 25, nigga you a OG
Verse 1:
Nigga woke up in the morn, don't know if they died
Don't know who they friend
Can't even trust they kin
Fuck it! Fake it! Til' ya make it Keep it all the same
Don't even show ya stash spot, to ya old lady
Watch these niggas eyes
These niggas strapped, unda them cow hides
These niggas, clapping in dat southside
If ya hit 25, then ya lucky
Most nigga's get killed, when ya real like Bucky!
All that buckin gets ya head bust
Passed down a nigga block, and done messed up!
You outta Here!
Bottem board to fullest man
I'm hollin «What it do Southside?», baby I got love for that due
You got the hustlas, the niggas bought the big bread
Ya got the bustas, ya got the feds and the cookheads you got the skeezas
The iphones and tha beepers ya got ya people
But is yo people yo people thats who it evil nigga
Might die oh the dark way
I get done with the A. K Southside make these niggas scream «MAYDAY! MAYDAY!»
Rest in peace to all my G's from the bottom to the top
But I put Ivy on tha top ghetto superstar
Niggas on they broad, niggas on these bars
Recession in tha streets nigga's back to stealin cars
O.G. told me how this «shit would unfold if I eva got tha money and tha cars
and clothes.»
These niggas hoes just like hoes
Alot of niggas in mah ghetto need to be exposed
We always on the news «someone lay down» (stay down!)
Dis year man we killed more than Brookstown!
Chopper rounds goin off in mah territory
We the ones started! Call this shit retarted!
Get ya mind right
The O.G.s the B.G.s the bottom the top; you got the boulevard but I'm across
the track die hard
Verse 2:
Let's get back to the south shit
Where you from? how you come?
Hope you dumb cause we dumb cock that back shoot through ya lung
Dude don't make me twist ya toungue «tick tick tick tick tick tick»,
like a nigga playin drum
Big drum, choppa drum
We ain't playin son
Kill you and ya nigga thas a And 1, Straight up I know some boulevard die hard niggas who brought they business
Some uptown gorillas, some bottomboard killas!
Southside head honcho Ivy left it to me so ima always be return to Niggas be dead with no insurance, life it ain't a game (Fuck That!)
Lets get it nigga yo life for my chain
They wanna investigate the murder
Crack rock is the perk old people peepin out tha window like turtles
No mercy in my neighborhood niggas play for keeps
Whole families die when a nigga play wit me bitch