Перевод песни Anouk – Searching

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I am looking for answers to questions never posed
I haven’t god a clue, I’m living like a ghost
Can’t seem to read the signs
I’m swimming in the sand, I’m searching
I hold on to my reasons, I’ll hold on to my dreams
It’s all good and bad advice 'cause you have choose
One friend says (to) go ahead, another one says don’t
I’m searching
Whatever I try I can’t find it
Wherever I roam it’s all gone
No you can’t find it, first you gotta to lose it
Looking for an angle to change my point of view
Waiting for somebody, someone to relate to
Hoping for forgiveness, living for love
I’m searching
Yearning for a teacher, to show us what to do
Learning from failure, is all that I can do
Working on solutions, a fiction of truth
Keep on searching