Перевод песни R.E.M. – The Worst Joke Ever

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You see there's this cat burglar who can't see in the dark
He lays his bets on 8 more lives, walks into a bar
Slips on the 8 ball, falls on his knife
Says, «I don't know what I've done, but it doesn't feel right!
Some things don't hold up over the course of a lifetime
When's the first time you heard that one, 1954?
Get to the punch line. fall to the floor
Give me a minute and I'll tell you the setup for
The worst joke ever, I never
I'll tell you my version of the greatest life story
Don't bore me Now I am floating
I feel released
The moorings have been dropped
The weights unleashed
Everything is crystalline, simple and free
The crime of good men who can't wrestle with change
Or are too afraid to face this life's misjudged unknowns
You're not hurting anybody else's chances
But you're disfiguring your own
You see there's this feeling that I've heard this one before