Перевод песни Vic Chesnutt – Sewing Machine

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Suck in your gut, clench your fist
Just finished scaling a big black fish
On a bench out behind the tool shack
In a patch of poison sumac
Mama ordered us some catalogue jeans
She made the cuffs on the sewing machine
Sewing machine.
Granny wrote a letter up under table lamp
Said her thumbs hurt cause all the beans she had to snap
I lay on the porch looking through the cracks
See the dog asleep and watch those ugly chickens scratch
The prom is coming big sister should be a queen
Mama makes a dress on the sewing machine
Sewing machine.
Daddy is asleep he's just home from work
In his comfy chair in his yellowed undershirt
Sister is sad she just got the curse
I am fairly happy cause my go-cart kinda works
I want to be a vampire for the halloween
Mama makes a cape on the sewing machine
Sewing machine...