Перевод песни Michael Bublé – Whatever It Takes (with Ron Sexsmith)

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We've all been hurt by love
It's out of our hands
But for all it's worth
I'm drawing a line in the sand
Another morning just won't do I need your love to shine on through
Or it won't be new
Whatever it takes, my love, I'll find it Whatever it takes my love
To put the lonely days behind us
I'm laying it down
Whatever it takes my love
If there's a chance
For two hearts to celebrate
To blow out some candles
And tempt the hands of fate
You make a wish, I'll make one too
But close your eyes love when you do Or it won't be true
'Cos I've been wandering 'round
With the same old blues
That have been dragging me down
If you feel the same way too
Maybe it takes two
And if we give thanks
For our love at each new dawn
We'll find the strength
And the will to carry on The sun alone will never do Without your love to shine on through
It just won't be new