Перевод песни Andy Hunter – Lifelight

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The A.M. dawns again
And I’m seeking the Source
Searching the force, longing for warmth
That I’ve never ever felt before
Cuz I cannot find more of life
In this crazy world that seems to leave me dry
It’s only with You
That I find my way through
Another breath to breathe
In this heat of the day
I’m finding a way, but feeling the strain
There’s a pressure in the air that preys
But there is a light in this life
And it’s You, the star, that guides when I’m lost at night
So light up the sky
A ray of life to every eye
Whenever your light shines
I can always find
Something more of life
Whenever You break through
Take me somewhere new
Deeper into you
The A.M. dawns again
And I’m hearing your voice
I’m making the choice, no room for toys
Only life light brings me joy
Cuz when I can find you in life
All the crazy things around me seem to dull and die
It’s always been you
Carrying me through