Перевод песни Syd Straw – People of Earth

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People of earth sometimes you really get me down
People of earth, sometimes it’s just astonishing
People of earth, sometimes you really get me down
Hey you at the bar, what you pay good money for?
Hey you at the bar, what do you even come here for?
You’ll never know what kind of a show you missed
Hey you in the blue van, why did you steal my parking place?
I know that you saw me waiting for it patiently
Now what did you do? Don’t forget the gold hand rule
Please don’t put me down
Please don’t put me down
Does it make you feel big to belittle me?
Please don’t put me down
Don’t kill me for my sneakers, find some shoes of your own
And don’t abuse our teachers
'cause we can learn this on our own, and people yer know
We’ve really got a lot to learn
Attention all shoppers, big, big savings today
For our shoppers, if you’ve got the money to pay
Big savings in isle 6 today
People of earth, greed, greed, greed
People of earth, need, need, need
It’s not in my nature to sit
And watch you bleed, bleed, bleed
Please don’t put me down
Please don’t let me down
Be the first one on your clock to keep on walking top to top
Please don’t let me down
And what about the oceans? I’m afraid to eat the fish
I bet their scared to live there, look it’s glowing in my dish
What did the aquatic world ever do, to deserve all of this?
When will we ever learn that oil and water don’t mix
When I picture the world, I picture one better than this
Why do we keep fighting, baby?
Together we could live in bliss
People of earth, I really love you
And never would I put myself above you
People of earth, people of earth, people of earth
People of earth, people of earth, I really love you
I am one of you