Перевод песни John Cale – Things X

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Elsewhere in the Temple the llamas are gearing up
To assault Tiger Mountain when the sun comes up
We sat around whispering in the candlelight
Trying to get a game plan for the night
Talked about the difference between North and South
Keep your gun in your pocket and your tongue in your mouth
And you’ll be doing it
— the thing you do in Denver when you’re dead
A month is a Saturday — Wednesday’s a week
I saw the way you looked at her Charlie Brown — good grief
She pulled you into the shadows and taught you how to love
Patted you on the head and gave you a shove
And you were doing it — the thing…
The sexual exuberance of a concubine
Checks my carburettor one more time
With the passion of a thoroughbred and the
Sensitivity of a moose I rarely make a move
Unless I’ve got some proof that we’ll be doing it
— the thing you do in Denver when you’re dead
You live in Paris I live in France things are expensive
When you live first class — you learn Latin I’ll learn Greek
And when you’ve got a minute we’ll meet in Crete
And we’ll be doing it — the thing…