Перевод песни John Cale – Letter From Abroad

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It’s a squalid little town with a tenuous beauty
The cool wet mornings are so appealing
People waking up suddenly in the night
Very disappointed
At the water’s edge fishermen smashing their boats — taking nothing for granted
In a few hours the heat will hang over town as the northeast monsoon comes
roaring in
Can you feel it?
Afghanistan Afghanistan whatever happened to you
I don’t really care but I thought I’d ask in case it mattered to you — let me
hear it
They’re cutting their heads of in the soccer field
Stretching their necks in the goal
Taking them out in the elephant grass feeding them to the hyena’s
Don’t you hear it
Everybody’s lips are thin — eventually eyes are empty
This a letter from abroad life is cheaper back home
Let me hear it
You learn form novels living out there rainfall is followed by thunder
You hear a man’s voice soothing and calm — «I understand no problem»