Перевод песни Stiff Little Fingers – High & Low

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
She got a 2 year old in nursery
And then lately got the sack
She gets a phone call from her mother
And she takes a little flak
Cause she earns all her money now
By lying on her back
Yet it's just an even change she needs
A lucky break she lacks
She's searchin'
For something to believe in And for sure
She knows she's has enough of dreaming
If she got the start
She's certain she could do it Cause it seemed complicated
But there's really nothing to it He works from home everything evening
Baby laxative & scales
And he's make a bloody fortune
If he just stays out of jail
Got a network of runners
And a friend who'll stand his bail
Yet he's give up in a minute
If he has a real career
They're twoccing cars for excitement
Tearing up council estates
They're painting walls and doors of businesses
With messages of hate
Hanging round street corners till' late
Cause they see no exit, no way out
There's no way to escape