Перевод песни Plastilina Mosh – Keepin Strong

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Trynna do it
(Love, love, love)
Dear, do you feel the drop?
Not from the sky, the teardrops from my eyes
Living stress upon my cheek
It has me choked up and hard to speak
Everyday there is a new challenge
Testing our love is there about it
Do you feel, or do you understand?
What actually goes through a sensitive man
Face with the demons that
See, I swallow my pride, and then I push on
Cause I live for the future, the future and you
You and me together forever, forever, forever
Tell me who is to blame? Is it me?
That got me caught up in the middle of this love game
Feelin' neglected and disrespected
In my mind everything is congested
Try so hard to find happiness
Walkin' in the dark feeling the same emptiness
I see you lie, «I'd be regretted,»
By this faded shadow like a broken mirror
Nothing to hold until you came alone
Feel the voice and smooth the edges with your voice
I leaned on you, and you supported me
With emotional, love, and security
Treasure of memories of pure love
The pit of me girl of what you made up
You poured it in my hands, I held it to my heart
The warmth, the softness that started the spark
Flesh, ash, hopes
I like that
Flesh, ash, hopes
Flesh, ash, hopes
There’s new issues we have to deal with
It’s pushing the love to new heights and new limits
Together we’ll stand (uh-huh), divided we’ll fall (uh-huh)
But who makes the call one slip we both fall
Unity, that’s the key between you and me
To keep us strong and set us free
Do we fight? for who we get
We lay down when things get real hot
Passed lives plays part in the future
So if you did it once, you don’t do it twice
Same mistake and same deal
Don’t mean you feel the same way that you feel
Tears shed from love lost before
Pain felt from love lost before
Heart ache felt from love lost before
We gotta bottle em' up baby and throw them out the door
Quiero agradecer desde lo más profundo de mi corazón a Jonás y Rosso por
prestarme esta plataforma para poder expresarte todo lo que has hecho por mí:
Haz llenado mi vida con magia, música, calor, amor
Fey, mi media naranja, te quiero. López