Перевод песни Norman Wisdom – Up In The World

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I used to be scared
of affection
but now I'm not
I used to go cold
at its mention
but now I go hot
I used to run a mile
if a girl
even began to smile
But I'm not afraid
any longer
one smile from you
and my love
grows stronger
I've a feeling of being
so up in the world
when I'm walking
out with you
Up in the world
is the feeling I get
even talking
about you
I confess that I tremble
at your touch, my dear
it's 'cause you're here
so near
If you'd say yes
then my eager lips
would press one kiss
that means so much to me
My plea is to be
tied to the strings
of your heart
make me feel that
I'm someone really new
Don't cut me loose
or my life falls apart
and I'm no-one
without you
I pray I've made
a good impression
you're my
obsession forever
Let our hearts
take flight together
up in the... world...