Перевод песни Dwele – Hold On

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(Ohh Ohh ohh
Oohhh Oohhh Oohhh
Hold on if you don't mind
Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh
Woa Woa Woa)
Open your ears
Don't allow these words to be ignored by years
Fearing lullibies, containing the same old lies (same old lies)
Dealing just to deal is just a crime
Besides I know you wouldn't mind
Trying something new so...
Let's (Let's)Try (Try)
We can work it out
If you let love (love) guide (guide)
The way that you feel for me Oh (Oh) Why (Why)
Let this opportunity pass (pass) by (by)
You should hold on Please don't resist (don't resist)
Bless those harmonies to me, escape your lips (escape your lips)
There's no need to go home
Just to dance along (dance aloo-o-one)
I know you can't enjoy it on your own
Really I don't see nothing wrong
With you and I spending some time--
Also let me mention, (Oooh)
My only intention, (Oooh)
Is to feed you every single thing you hunger for---
In my heart I have to (Oooh)
And-- want to have you (Oooh)
So fulfilled that you will never need to ask for more--
(So)Girl instead of running from my love---
You can run to To these arms that's meant for you---
So why (so why not) not stay (stay) around
(You should hold onnnnn
Feelings so stonnnnng
You should hold onnnnn
Feelings so stronnnnnng
You should hold on)