Перевод песни Gang Starr – Werdz From The Ghetto Child

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Aiyyo I got the dimes that I get, I got the dimes that I bring
Yo, yo yo Yo Preem', what's good?
What's good man — you still fuckin with that shit son?
Yo, don't even come at me with that bullshit man, whassup?
I'm sayin man, you said you was gonna leave this shit alone
You still on that bullshit nigga
Son. SON I'll leave it alone
when you come and get ready with this music B, what the fuck?
I'm sayin man, who the fuck you think you are man?
Yo, yo Yo gangsta gangsta, O.G. is what you call me It's like my life is like a never-endin drug story
Make coke, expand, yo you know who I am Death percentages rises in the hood like grams
Who done it and ran, who blammed on my fam'
Out the window every night, deadly intentions man
Cocked back and ready to fire, hit man for hire
And fuck politicians, nothin but liars
As I build my cream, with self esteem
But drink the water from the streams, of gangsta lean
To keep food on my plate, stick a mac to your face
So I never have to fall off, so you can never underrate
Force pressure, is the techniques of real men
So when you slam the doors, we still get in It's like demons when, what you fight that you can't see'll
Come out your buildin, and get shot drastically
The way of the world, niggas fiendin to pull it You either bite the dust, or just dodge that bullet