Перевод песни Lindisfarne – Knackers Yard Blues

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You keep on running but I’m left behind
I need a white stick 'cos I walk so blind
I’m like a bandage on a wooden leg
I feel hung up just like a coat on a peg
I bought some pictures to hang on my wall
But I like a change so I moved them all
But nothing ever changes in the human race
I can get another mirror but it’s still the same old face
You used to tell me there was nothing I lacked
You took it all and left me stretched on your rack
You took my money and you took all my clothes
I need you like I need a cold in my nose
You took my armchair and you took my settee
You took my breakfast and you came back for tea
You took my socks and now you’re smoking in bed
I need you like I need a hole in the head