Перевод песни Ap2 – Heroin Hate

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Before i kiss and tell i step away
Another drug in my blood to prove that you don't understand
How could you see through your stained glass
And say that i'm hating my addiction
Don't you put this one on me
I said don't you duck this one
You don't understand
No sympathy
And i don't want to hear one excuse for what's been done to me Cause when i die by myself for my self it's my choice
Cause this time i couldn't care less who you would impress
Cause now this drug's in my vein i'm trading hatred for pain
And it's no lie to say that you don't understand
You try to stand there and tell me i'm wrong
Everyone you touch is dieing from lack of instinct or resolution
When thinking for themselves means to understand
That's where i get my heroin hate