Перевод песни Pat Benatar – Le Bel Age

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There comes a time when you should see things clear
Free from my innocence, there is no circumstance too severe
Only the need for us, for us to believe again
There is a time, temptation's on the run
Dreamer you've had your way, soldier you've had your day in the sun
Now it's time, oh it's time for us to begin again
Le bel age, only our love will remain
Le bel age, close to the truth once again
There comes a time (there comes a time) when you must find your way
Baby has made his bed out in a silhouette of gold and grey
Now it's time, yes it's time for us to believe again
(chorus repeats 2x)
Standing so close to me, no possibility to change our destiny
I see it perfectly, moving so naturally, nothing can stand in our way
(chorus repeats 2x)
(chorus repeats 3x)
Le bel age, le bel age