Перевод песни West Indian Girl – Green

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You feel inside so long ago a dream
The sky and sun were real and
Everyone was there to wave you on Oh sister... oh mother... oh father
It takes by surprise that love never dies
Everywhere everyone's a fighter above love
Working alone so hard you try, its a bad day
So you talk talk to your spirit it gives you soul
Never look down never look up from the world
You let go Oh sister... oh mother... oh father
I takes you by surprise
All those pictures we keep alive
When love never dies
Nothing to collect or lose
The train is here it's slowing down for you
See all those years in their eyes
Can you tell them have they loved or have they lied
The last light fades away
My image of you remains
You face the star it won't fall
Then I know we fooled them all
Getting older... getting older... getting older