Перевод песни Project 86 – Great Golden Gate Disaster, The

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Outside you there’s a remedy
Inside you is an enemy
This twist of irony
Can I say you were ever a friend to me?
(Just like we promised)
And you know it was never a lie
The fallen son that bought our freedom
Is the I, the I that had to die
Outside you there’s a remedy
A destiny in identity
Is it the shot heard round the world
Or just one more apology?
You wrote us off for so long
So, so long
We burned that bridge instead
And now we’ve got a song
You’d better think again
'Cause it’s long overdue
So many more of us
Than there are of you
Now I can release you
Apart from anything
To your corruption
(We sing this dedication)
As justice comes in many forms
This is no exception
The hero, Truthless, is lying prostrate
(And this is our redemption)
The contract on my head
Isn’t worth the paper, isn’t worth the pen
Isn’t worth the plastic promise
When the units aren’t moving
But we know, we know
Our hearts are beyond prices
These words, erupting from swollen tonsils
Will devour your clever devices
(These words are my gift to you)
My gift to you, these words
(These words are my gift to you)
For everything you put us through
I used to want to change the world
In brotherhood, us two
But now, my friend
I only want to save it from you
I bid farewell to those lonely days
Breaking my back for you to siphon my veins
The masters will now return
To the hands of the slaves
And we’ll spin them reel to reel
So that every single time you hear
This soundtrack of the voiceless
You’ll know the end is drawing near
Can I say you were ever a friend to me?
Now you know!