Перевод песни Jeremy Jordan – It's Alright (This Love Is For Real)

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Baby you're the one I need tonight, and I wish upon a star, don't you know that,
all the time I dream about you, and baby I could give you what you want now
girl tonight, oh baby, I'm not like a E rest, I really care for you baby, and a girl like you deserves all the best...
Chorus: it's alright, it's alright, you don't have to worry, hold tight,
'cause this love is for real, tonight, oh... baby. there's no hurry,
you're gonna love what you feel. yeah...
I know you've suffered great too long girl, can't you see I have a cure...
I can help you and recover, listen baby. 'cause you know I could give you
what you never had before. oh baby. I dedi
My live to you. i will be there for you baby. you know that I've been waiting
for the firl like you...
Repeat chorus 2x