Перевод песни The Rascals – Death's Reply

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Oh when the horn sounds, the stars fill my eyes
Awake from the dream I roam the magic sky
The bird has found a way to freedom from its cage
Return to whence it came to the true beginning of the page
Brother, come with me up to highest light
Sorrow won't follow, oh pain is left behind
As water flows to wet and fire turns to dry
Rejoin your own true home, leave this world behind you now and die, yeah
A wealth of endless joy waits for you to say
I now release myself to flow with life into eternal day
I'm always with you, you'll never die
Lead me from darkness into the light
From the illusion into the light
I'm always with you now, I'm gonna try
Into the light
Into the light
Into the light