Перевод песни The Rascals – Nubia

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Oh Nubia Nubia Nubia, the word is love to me Your beauty and the gentle magic of your soul live here in my memory
Golden evenings in pink white veils sounds of the river telling ancient tales
Dreams return me to you, fire flows in deep blue.
Oh Nubia Nubia Nubia, the ringing in my ear
As I wander through another light in search of someone soft I once held near
Time glances the other way, life's sweet shadow makes night his day
Brings me closer to you, paints my heart a deep blue.
Whispers from eternity
Bridges life's sweet mystery
To sleep I go and hear the name Nubia Nubia Nubia ...
Soft heart wait another day, flaming boat will take you away
Then at the mystery's end, I won't have to pretend-tend-tend.
Now you are ...
Now you are ...
Now you are ...
Now you are ...