Перевод песни Tony Orlando & Dawn – Missin' That Girl

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Ooh ooh don't you be blue
You there in the mirror I'm talkin' to you
She's gone
There ain't nothing you I can do Me oh my there's a tear in your eye
Just hold still and I'll wipe it dry
My girl's gone
Gone, gone, gone
(Missin' that girl)
It's hard I know my friend
(Missin' that girl)
She does you in and then
You try convincing the world
That you ain't missin' that girl
Hey hey what do you say
You can't stay in the bed all day just moping
Just a wishing and a hoping
Some other guys and the something that flies
So c'est la vie and au revior
My girl's gone
Gone, gone, gone
Repeat Chorus