Перевод песни Levon Helm – Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy

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Well I stepped to shore on the coast of Spain
A lady of drink passed by
She was just in her teens but oh what a queen
With a smile that could satisfy
She asked me if I had seen it before
And she offered to show me the sights
For three or four days we rocked it away
And she held me for three or four nights
Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy
Now get it all undone
Depending on your spending
How far you want to go for fun
Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy
Put it all on black
Well it’s only money honey but we can party up tonight
I cruised in one day to old Monterey
I was looking for something free
One thing on my mind was some good time wine
And some women for company
There were girls at the bar of the hotel
So I grabbed me a red-head of sorts
Well I showered and I shaved and we sure misbehaved
I was drinking wine by the quart
There’s some good looking girls in Jamaica
And mademoiselles in France
I lay ya ten to one that I can sure get it done
And I will if I get that chance