Перевод песни Faster Pussycat – Loose Booty

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Well here's a story about a floppy romp
All in all it seemed so fun
You got a rotten bladder and spastic knees
That's why she wears plastic sheets
Her butt, it drags along the street
Now there are no room for me She'd be so pretty if she went on a diet
Come on fat bitch, do it, try it Fat girl
She tried to sit on me Fat girl
She's way too fat for me Fat girl
Max-i-mum den-si-ty
Fat girl
She tried to squeeze the shit out of me Loose booty
Loose booty
Big ol bitty had a buffalo butt
You thought that was big, you should've seen her gut
On her butt was a sign that said Wide Load
She's so big, she's got her own zip code
That lady can house a family of four
Give me a chimichanga please seinor
She was so obese, she broke my bed
All fat chicks, give good head
Fat girl
Her legs looked like cottage cheese
Fat girl
There just so much left to squeeze
Fat girl
It's her scent that makes ME wheeze
Fat girl
I ain't' gonna touch you, gonna walk on by Loose booty
36−24−36 Times 5
Booty booty
You beat the herd of Guernseys And you took first prize
Loose booty
L — O — O — S — E B — O — O — T — Y Loose booty
Fat girl
She tried to eat me Fat girl
She's a real live rolly-polly
Fat girl
She think's I'm ice cream
Fat girl
Yeeeech, She's fuckin' ugly
I ain't' gonna touch you, gonna walk on by Loose booty
When I see you wolfin' down those marshmallow pies
Booty booty
My brother's in the crack juice, it's his second dive
Stinky Booty
L — O — O — S — E B — O — O — T — Y Stinky stinky booty
Loose Booty