Перевод песни Fanny – Blind Alley

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Blind Alley
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Take care of yourself, this is your story
Your voice is shakin' the walls, and they're crumbling down
But what can I do ‘cept stand here watching you
My fearful eyes are paralyzed with visions of tomorrows swept away
And someone's gonna get burned
We're leading ourselves down a blind alley
No one to watch over us as we stumble and fall
But what can I see, except all your history
A reaper grim sent saracens who cannot see the writing on the walls
And someone's gonna get burned
I see my christian brothers raising angry hands
And though they try show me, I still don't understand
‘Cause there's a war going on (yeah)
And you're down in the streets
We're clearing the way for a new order
Old ways are losing their hold, now we've opened our eyes
But what can I say except God speed anyway
A destiny and its got to be, and later on they'll judge you right or wrong
Think about what you're doin'...
Blind alley, you're going down a blind alley
Blind alley, you're going down a blind alley