Перевод песни Blue Magic – Teach Me (It's Something About Love)

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There's something about love
That scares me
(There's something)
There's something about (something)
Careing too much
And maybe I'm afraid
I'm not giving enough
Or taking much too much
(Teach me)
Then teach me I want (I want to learn) to learn
How to love
(Something about)
There's something about (sharing) Sharing
Those hidden secrets
And it's the secrets I (secrets)try to hide
To hide from myself
And I don't understand
But I want you to know
And no one will help me
To love to learn
Teach me (teach me) I want to learn
(Teach me I want to learn)
How to love
Can't learn love
In a classroom
There's no room
Big enough to hold it
Oh and you can't find love
In a test tube
I'm so glad
You've got to have it inside
(Got to have it inside of you) of you
And no one can take it away
There's something about love
Ooo it's just amazes me
It's the feeling I feel
When I'm feeling you
Oooh oooh amazing, amazing, amazing love
You will be my mystery love
Cause I'm ready to learn
I'm ready to learn
Teach how to learn to love
To love
How to love
Teach me (yeah) how to love (how to love yeah)
How to love now
I've got to learn to love
Teach me to love
Teach me to fear
Teach me to feel
Teach me to touch
Teach me to hear your love baby
I want you to educate my love now
Teach me to Love
Teach me to hold
Teach me to need
Teach me to feel now baby
Oooh oooh oooh