Перевод песни The Lilac Time – Father Mother Wife And Child

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The sun goes down behind a cloud
The church door now in shade
You crossed yourself and you knelt
Behind me as you prayed
Father mother wife and child
I lived alone in August once
I went down to the sea
I met a girl on holiday
With her family
She said she hated all these things
The way we roll through life
So she joined the circus
And she became my wife
Father mother wife and child
The child is the father of the man
The mother and the wife
The child enjoys the longest days
And the longest life
A mother’s work is never done
Contracted in an hour of fun
When the wife was just a bride
You began to grow inside
Father mother wife and child
You’ll have many roles to play
Some you’ll lose and some will stay
But you can’t escape from those
That you cannot choose
The earth revolves around the sun
Infinity has just begun
And we are bound to wonder why
Like a baby born to cry
Father mother wife and child