Перевод песни Faith No More – The Perfect Crime

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Girl listens to mom
So she lights a match and pretends to sleep
While everything burns
Man drives nowhere
So he pressed the pedal, hit a few dogs
And felt good
Boy hears teacher's words
So he closed his eyes and stepped in front
Of a train
Sorry 'bout that
It's just an accident
Nobody forgets
Chop it into bits
The bitterness is hard to hide
It smells like homicide
Just nod and say it's O. K I can hear your voice echo
O.K. I lied-it's really the voice
Of the guy who kicked your head in Look in the mirror
It seems you're shrinking, miniature
And soon enough your gone
You try to make the moment
Last you broke it right in half
You die and have a nice day
No one saw the perfect crime
I can't wait for the next time