Перевод песни Firefall – Only Time Will Tell

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I remember the morning I met you
You said you had something to say
I've heard it before and I'll bet you
I'm used to it and it's okay
I know women and I know what they're after
So I try to keep a little around
This world has got so little laughter
You learn to live without the sound
I'd love to be the youth in your eyes
The truth in the lies that you tell
I'm not gonna mess with the lonely
Secret only time can tell
You know a player's got a few things to count on
Hes fortune it comes and it goes
But here's a sensitive heart you can pound on
And a gallant way of taking the blows
I wrote you letters and I knew what to tell you
But they never got off the ground
You thought I had something to sell you
But it wasn't the best buy in town