Перевод песни Firefall – Leave it Alone

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Leave it alone let it go by
I know that it's hard, but you've got to try
Leave it alone let it pass through
You'll just have to find somebody knew
You tell me that your baby didn't come home last night
You waited up till morning just looking for a fight
And when it finally hit you that she wasn't coming back
You called up some hot number to come and scratch your back
You're out that very evening a pretty girl by your side
You can't keep your hands off her and you don't wanna try
You wisk her back to your place before things get much hotter
And in between the satin sheets you've got her
'I'm sorry babe to hurt you or worry your little head
Can I come by and see you and join you in your bed?'
I said sorry that's impossible your space in bed is taken
Your clothes are on the doorstep our love has been forsaken