Перевод песни Jo Jo Gunne – Special Situations

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Every day the people are playin' special situations
The strong and weak, the slow and the sleek, harmonized relations
Masquerade, the light and the shade, ain’t no use in hidin'
Read the signs, the words may lie, the blind ones often guide ya
Every night, every day
C’mon girl, what do you say?
Rock me deep in my sleep, way back on the ocean
I keep you warm, I steel you from the storm, I save you from commotion
Up in my prayer, but don’t you pretend, ain’t no great admission
Share by share, the fairest of fair and love’s the best transmission
Every night, every day
C’mon girl, what do you say?
Oh-oh, yeah
Every night, every day
Every night, every day
Everywhere the people are sharin' special situations
High and low, the sly and the slow, harmonized relations
Up in my love, hand in a glove, go as we are growin'
Shinin' through the head to the shoes, a-like two bodies glowin'