Перевод песни The Mars Volta – Cicatriz Pt 4

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Come on, man, we were in love when I met you
Gave me all your love when I met you
Say you don’t, baby
Inside your head
When you sleep at night
I’ll be waiting, waiting, waiting
Oh, now
Baby take my hand
Honey, take my hand
We will take
The gates
Of Heaven
Baby, I am
Maybe I’ll let
Maybe I’ll let you have one bite
Let me inside
Wanna crawl inside
Underneath your pillow
All night
Oh yeah, now
Baby, may I
Right now?
Beyond the anthills
Of the dawning
Of this plague
Well, I lost my way
Do you?
Do you wanna?
Do you?
Tell me
Do you?
Beyond the anthills of the dawning of this plague
Said, «I've lost my way»
Even if this cul-de-sac did pay
Beyond the anthills of
Beyond the anthills of
Said I’ve lost my way
Even if you
Even if you
Even if you
Who reached inside a vault
Whatever be the cost
Sterling clear blackened ice
And when they drag the lake
There’s nothing left at all
I’ve defected…
Thank you
Thanks for coming out everybody, go home and take a bath