Перевод песни Miles Davis – Fantasy

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Watch out for licks from my big fat stick
The stick is real thick, call me Easy Mo bick
But this bick can’t be flicked like a lighter to a joint
I’m easy, not water, get the point
In other words, the Mo ain’t a joke
And somethin' like the trumpet I’m jumpin' on the difficult folk
Miles is the style of the hip hop bugle
Not your ordinary, or even Chattanooga
The train that goes choo-choo
Like Norton sang Lulu
The horn casts spells like some witch doctor’s voodoo
The notes from his trumpet makes ladies get freaky like sex
Reach a climax, what’s next?
Two hunky-dories that’s tripled your fancy
Not in your panties, but up in your mind, that’s where we stand, see
That’s where you seek for the need of a chance to be
Part of the Easy Mo Bee and Miles Davis fantasy
What I mean
What of the words?
For your mind, one time
Get up, stop
Take it, Miles