Перевод песни Miles Davis – The Doo-Bop Song

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Its no mystery that youre no risk to me Cuz Im a lover and tell your girl to throw a kiss to me And jump in bed and have a fight with the pillows
Turn off the lights and let the J give it to ya
And let the trumpet blow as I kick this
Cuz rap is fundamental and Miles sounds so wicked
A little taste of be-bop sound with the backdrop
Of doo-wop and this is why we can call it the doo-bop
Now go ahead and play like a wannabe
You know its gonna be I hate to cut the troats of mcs up in Front of me When blows makes the A want to sing
My rhymes be shining on brothers
Like they flippin on they high beams
And when I just come through
You think you badcuz somebody seen you
Climbing the tree like Jack-Be-Nimble
Yo, Miles blow the trumpet off the symbol
Performed by Easy Mo Bee
Miles Davis style is different, you can't
Describe it as pacific
He rip, rage and roar, no time for watchin
Andy Griffith
You can (whistle)all you want, go head
While he take to doo-wop and mix it with be-bop
Just like a maker in the shoe shop, Easy Mo Bee will cream you
Like the nougat
And usually we doo-wop but since Miles Wanna cool out
You can do that Miles, blow your trmpet
Show the people
Just what its to do