Перевод песни James Taylor – One Morning In May

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One morning, one morning, one morning in May
I spied a young couple, they were making their way
One was a maiden so bright and so fair and the other was a soldier And a brave
Good morning, good morning, good morning said he And where are you going my pretty lady?
I'm going out a-walking on the banks of the sea
Just to see the water's glide and hear the nightingale sing
Now they had not been standing but a minute or two
When out of his knapsack a fiddle he drew
And the tune that he played made the valleys all ring
Oh hark, cried the maiden, hear the nightingale sing
Oh maiden, fair maiden, this time to give over
Oh no, kind soldier, please play one tune more
For I'd rather hear your fiddle at the touch of one string
Oh soldier, kind soldier, will you marry me? Oh no, pretty maiden
That never shall be
I've a wife down in London and children twice three
Two wives and the army's too many for me Well, I'll go back to London and I'll stay there for a year
It's often that I'll think of you, my little dear
And if ever I return it will be in the spring