Перевод песни James Taylor – Nobody But You

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Everybody knows that I'm just a Joe that likes to hang around
Talking about my problems, bringing other people down
Well this may be so, but not long ago, I was sitting on the top of the World
Sure is strange how things can turn themselves around
When I'm in need of a little bit of consultation, used to call on my Uncle John
Took a trip down to West Virginia, found him dead and gone
And as some sort of silly little consolation, they gave me a ticket Back
What you going to do with folks like that?
You can talk about bands of angels
And they think you come with your soul in your hands to set their Children free
But you talk about little bit of understanding, things that happen Day to day
Some of you folks sure enough have been good to me Nobody but you, nobody but you, nobody but you, nobody but You
Nobody but you, say nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but You