Перевод песни Penetration – Silent Community

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There’s a lot of freedom
But not enough choice
Habits never change
And there’s only one voice
Fifty odds under 25's
Are past the caring age
What will have to happen
Before the place can change
Nothing to do
And nothing to say
The silent community
Is here to stay
Opinions exhausted
But healthy and needed
Wake up to the future
You can’t over look it
Frightened to speak
Yeah, freedom of speech
Means nothing to most
And trouble if you preach it
Punished for speaking
And praised for the silence
Pent up emotion
Or modern day violence
Nothing to do etc
Shout if you want to
Fight if you need to
Hesitations surging into view
Secret societies encouraged but untrue
Just say something
We all want to hear you
Nothing to do etc