Перевод песни Kirsty MacColl – He Never Mentioned Love

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I couldn’t hear him when he called to me
I couldn’t hear him at all you see
He was down the road away from me
How could I know his answer?
I couldn’t hear him 'though he shouted hard
I couldn’t hear him in my own backyard
The trains were rattling by above
He never mentioned love
He may have held my hand
When we were walking down the street
He talked about all kinds of things
But none of them were him and me
He looked into my eyes
Just as an airplane roared above
Said something about football
But he never mentioned love
I never heard him all the times he yelled
I never heard him if he tried to tell me
If my memory serves me well
He never mentioned love
I never hurt him 'though he says I did
I never hurt him but I die a bit
Each time he passes on the street
He never mentions love
I used to call him every night
And pray that he was home
I couldn’t bear the feeling
I might have to live my life alone
But now my phone is off the hook
The word came from above
It told me I was wasting time
If he never mentioned love
I never heard him if he said he cared
I never heard him, I kept my claws bared
I never heard the things he says he said
He never mentioned he was scared
I never heard him when he asked of love
I never heard him as the skies above
Chucked buckets on the both of us
He never mentioned love
So if I seem hardhearted
I would like the court to note
He never mentioned love to me
In anything he wrote
And if I seem coldblooded
I should like to tell the judge
In all the time I knew this man
He never spoke of love
(or if he did)
I never heard him when he called to me
I never heard him at all you see
He was down the line away from me
He never mentioned L.U.V
I never hurt him 'though he says I did
I never hurt him I just die a bit
Each time we meet upon the street
We never mention love