Перевод песни Lulu – Where Did You Come From

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I got a plan for today
Finally figured out what’s going on
Until I got this phone call
Telling me I was wrong
The news was different today
There was color in the black and white
Headline’s read, «The world is different today»
Are you ready for a different life, yeah?
Where did you come from?
Where did you come from?
I didn’t see you
Standing there all along
How long have you been there?
Why couldn’t I see you before?
Why do phone calls from fate
Always seem too late?
I guess it’s time for my own rules to break
As I take this leap of faith, yeah
Where did you come from?
Could you stay a while?
Could you stay a while with me,
Could you stay a while right here, yeah?
Where did you come from?