Перевод песни Kid Rock – Don't Tell Me U Love Me

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From hard luck tricks
To trust fund freaks
Bathroom stalls to penthouse suites
I been around
I been around
From the bottom of the barrel
To the cream of the crop
They’ve picked me up
And I’ve watched them drop
I been around
I been around
I sang them all a song or two
About simple things
Still I feel I’m being used
Isn’t a damn thing changed
I’m an outlaw
Bad Leroy Brown
The only Cool Hand Luke left in this town
I get my loving on the run
I’m a low down
Mister fly by night
Baby slow down
Let me show you right
I sure don’t want to hurt no one
So, don’t tell me you love me
Don’t tell me you love, love me do
Don’t tell me you love me
Because love’s one thing that I cannot do
And it’s the only thing that I can’t give to you
From Hollywood hoes to backstage jive
Jacked up trucks and Gulf Stream 5's
I been around
I been around
From silly little girls who play them games
To the rich and famous
I won’t say no names
I been around
I been around
You got to touch the stove to learn they say
Get burnt and learn that way
You better keep your feelings at bay
Or honey you going to pay
So, don’t tell me you love me