Перевод песни Plies – Spend The Night

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I feel like havin some company tonight
(I feel like havin company tonight)
So I just need to find out who wan' come spend the night with me tonight
(Who wan' come spend the night?)
It's a couple thangs over here at my crib that I wanna show you
(A couple thangs I wanna show you)
So all I wanna know baby is...
Baby wanna spend the night? Got a crib that's so tight
A view that's just right, got neighbors that's so nice
Baby wanna spend the night? You can help me count stacks
Got dogs that don't bite; a chef, cook what you like
Baby wanna spend the night?
Wanna come and chill? Take a tour of my crib
Show you what I'm rappin is real, good is how I live
Goon Palace, my dear, whisper somethin in yo' ear
Hungry, menu right here; all liquor, no beer
Got questions? Ask my dear — what is that? Oh, that's a pier
Over there's a chandelier — oh this 'bout five karats in my ear
Oh sex? We'll get to that later
Who's that? Oh, that's my waiter
She does laundry she cleans and she caters
She works for me cause I pay her
She'll take care of all of yo' favors
That's cherry wood on them tables
Don't wear suits that's tailored
Too gutter, it ain't in my nature
But I do want shit that cost paper
Look back there, them acres
That Bentley, I bought it for them haters
Got satellite, no cable
Wanna take a look at my gators?
Oh wave at 'em, them my neightbors
They cool, baby, they got paper
They think I play for the Pacers~!
Pick where you wanna have sex
Anywhere in my house be my guest
Got six rooms you can pick
We can go in the office on my desk
Wanna do it in the shower, then bet!
Got maids to clean up our mess
What I'm 'bout to give you is the best
I'm here to fix yo' stress
Just let me know when you get wet
Take yer time gettin undressed
While I take the diamonds off my neck
Cause I'm fin' to get in yo' chest
Bout to put my eggs in yo' nest
On 'gnac I needs no rest
Fuck you 'til you out of breath
Wanna spend the night again? Yes~!
Baby! If you spend the night, you will not wanna go home
I will literally (literally) have to make you go home
You ever seen the commercial.
Where they jump down there and grab his ankle
And he gotta drag 'em through the halls? (Drag 'em through the halls)
That gonna be you
But I promise you, I'll let you spend the night again baby
Baby wanna spend the night? (Spend the night?)