Перевод песни Plies – Make A Movie

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I'm on 'gnac, she on Goose-y
All my niggas keep they tool-ly
I'm in Chevy, he in Dual-ly
Me and my niggas, we fin' to make a movie
Six Chevies, back to back
I drink brown, they drink white
Paint wet, engine tight
This our city, we run lights
Hustle all day, stunt at night
Pistol on lap, who gon' jack
Pulled up «Da REAList,» pulled out the whips
Time to show, who got chips
My dog trippin, left his clip
Liqour sto', one mo' fifth
Hog in the trunk, beatin in yo ear
Mids screamin, highs clear
Spunt a stack, on my gear
Fuck them niggas, our year~!
Motion picture, right here
Stop this bitch, let's make a movie right here
Better grab a seat and some popcorn
Cause me and my niggas, fin' to put on Some in the streets, all of 'em strong
Couple my niggas, just came home
Ridin candy, sittin on chrome
Pants hangin, grill showin
Wildin hard every set we on Catch me standin on the hood of my throne
We don't play nuttin but my songs
Them niggas ain't real they just rap homes
'Fore it's over, money gettin thrown
Holdin up traffic, are we wrong?
Over to the club, shuttin it down
Ain't no secret when I'm in town
Party's closed, says who? Plies
Here you go, couple thousand
In this corner, only goons allowed
All the goons, we makin 'em proud
My dog on pills, let him wild
Just give him a water and a towel
Right song come on, bop through the crowd
Want to crank up the club, put on Plies
Time to throw money, I ain't threw it in a while
Slangin money, let it pile