Перевод песни Plies – Family Straight

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I know some people used to say money change thangs
(They say money change thangs) Pssh
I'm hear to tell you money don't change every motherfuckin thang
(Change every motherfuckin thang)
Last ten years momma been workin twice a day
Grandma on a kidney machine, she done lost all the weight
My auntie got AIDS, she startin to lose her faith
My brother back in prison, second time he gone away
My daddy still smokin thatat shit I can see it in his face
My cousin sixteen, pregnant from a nigga thirty-eight
Tryin stay on my son, make sure he doin what his momma say
Before you take me God, help me get my family straight
I asked God why he ain't bless me with a silver spoon
Cause if he did then I'da never had to be a goon
If he gon' change my family, I hope he change it soon
I'm tired of answerin my phone and hearin bad news
My grandma on a walker, she can barely move
Just to tell me she love me take all her breath to do She on a kidney machine, I know it's hurtin her too
Fo' times a week gotta get her blood drew
She say the bible and prayer only thang that get her through
Why my grandma deserve this, God what did she do?
Thought cause I had a lil money kidney I could buy her new
She hold the family together, she the one I can't loose
My auntie got AIDS and I'm watchin her suffer
Why she gotta die cause she was in love with a hustler?
Even though she dyin she say she still love him
Know if I see him again I'd kill that motherfucker
Only get fifteen minutes to talk to my brother
Cause he in prison gotta go see him if I wanna hug him
Some niggas willin to lose they freedom just for thuggin
Cause he made a mistake gotta be here cause I love him
Uncle just called me, found out his daughter fuckin
Fuckin when they get fourteen now like its nothin
In the hood it's happenin ten out a dozen
The nigga her daddy age that's fuckin my lil' cousin
My daddy damn near fifty still livin with his momma
Can't even have a family reunion cause it's always drama
Last three months I done lost both of my uncles
Why my family luck so bad? I sit and wonder
We ain't close like we should and it's taken us under
The only time we come together is to have a funeral
Sit around and talk about each other and spread rumors
Know it's some of my fault cause I don't talk to 'em
For my family to be happy, that's all I want
Help my grandma fight, God I know she don't
To see my momma retire, that's all I want
Hope my brother get out to see his kids for once