Перевод песни Plies – All Black

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I'm on some other shit, I'm dressed in all black
I'm with my niggas them, and all of us strapped
We on that killer shit, somebody gettin whacked
You know I mean business, when I'm in all black
It ain't no fakin nigga, you see the key I'm in Baby nine on me, easy to cuff it then
I feel invincible, I'm on that cup of Henn'
Extended clip in this bitch is shootin more than ten
Put on that black tee, took off that Polo man
Try to slide on me, and I'mma spray yo' ass
And in my back pocket, I keep that black mask
And let him run down, I bet I flip his ass
I'm ridin tinted window, no mo' clear glass
One thing about me nigga, you know I don't flag
I keep one in the head, no time to cock at back
You know I mean business, when I'm in all black
Heard it's some pussy niggas, 'round hear who talkin stupid
You niggas playin gangsta, who you think you foolin?
You must not know me nigga, you did you know I pull it Merk some on sight, you know I fuckin do it Put stacks on niggas heads, you know ain't nuttin to it
I got some young niggas, who love drawin stupid
And for a stack nigga, they'll leak yo' body fluid
For twenty-five hundred, they'll get real stupid
Shoot at you for 30 days, nigga with that fuckin uzi
These niggas terrorize, until I tell 'em cool it Thanks to you fuck niggas, you know I keep that tooly
I'm dressed in all black, just like a scary movie
Just had a dream dog, killed my first rap nigga
I hit him with that yopper, was such a sad picture
I let that yopper go, hit him with five quick ones
All headshots shoot nuttin but straight missiles
R.I.P. dog, rest in peace pussy nigga
I prefer yoppers, dem bullets get there quicker
I've been attracted to them, ever since I was little
I dress in all black, just like a fuckin killer