Перевод песни Rob Thomas – Cradlesong

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Everybody’s got a different story
Everybody wanna give their selves away
But I’m still afraid
If we can stay out of their field of vision
If we can keep ourselves a half a world away
Ah honey we’ll be ok
The world can be so cruel
But I will sing for you
This cradle song
All night long
Everybody’s got their own opinion
Everybody’s got a place were they belong
Like a favorite song
I don’t want to be a faded memory
I don’t want to be the ghost that you cant shake
I want to be the real thing
Yeah all night long
yeah all night long
oh, oh, oh
No one said we were victims honey
No one said we had to keep the things we get
And there ain’t no regrets
And all our friends, they moved to Hollywood
But we ain’t that desperate yet, oh no
Ain’t nothing like the real thing
The world can be so cruel
And let me sing for you
This cradle song
All night long
This cradle song
Yeah all night long
Sing it all night long
Yeah, yeah
All night long