Перевод песни CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis – Bleed 2 Feed

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And so you wanna live forever don’tcha?
I feel your pressure drop
And when I’m workin' the right side of your leg (3rd verse «neck»), baby
You never want me to stop
What can I do to get over on you?
I’m on a main vein search
And I think I’m gettin' closer baby
I gotcha shakin' like a bad girl in church
Shake it — shake it
I bleed 2 feed
Why don’tcha make it to me
Have mercy have mercy have mercy on me
I bleed 2 feed
Love sets you free
You come and go with the vapors don’tcha
But still I give you my trust
And now the neighbors read it in the papers
That you like it rough
And you can’t keep no secrets in a small town
Aw this puppy’s gonna hunt
And now them hounds are runnin' round and round
Round and round on a fou-fou hunt (* Fou — French for foolish i.e.
«a wild goose chase»)
They gonna getcha getcha getcha
Get the scent of the true-true blood
Yeah all this pushin' and pullin y’all
Its 'bout to come to a killin' now
Why has it always gotta be that way with us?
Yeah before we make the love
We gotta draw a little blood