Перевод песни Bonnie Tyler/Rick Wakeman/Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith/Phil Williams/Simon Hanson/London Symphony Orchestra/David Snell/English Chamber Choir/Guy Protheroe – Is anybody there?

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Does anyone know my name?
Is there anybody there?
You're as near me as you can ever be Watching me Watching me Tag1:
Does anyone love me?
Does anyone need me?
Nobody knows my name
Takes my blame
Feels my pain
Does anyone care for me?
I just need a life to share
All my life i've searched
For someone just like you
Is there anybody there?
Is anyone there?
Anyone there?
I don't know why you make me wanna stay
'cos there's no-one left to love
I'm losing my life for a reason
I'm losing my life 'cos of you
Tag 2:
Is anybody really there?
No-one waits for no-one
No-one cares at all
Nowhere left to hang around
No-one left to call
Patience is my virtue
By virtue of my shame
Broken pieces everywhere
Everything's a game
Where have all the people gone
That once were in my life
Why has everybody gone away?
Does anyone know my name?
Or does anybody care?
There's a reason
Why i know i have to stay
So is anybody there?
I'm losing my life for a reason
I'm losing my life 'cos of you
I want to know you're out there just for me
I'm tired of waiting here for you
Now i've made up my mind
You're no good
I don't need you
I don't care anymore when you cry
I'm sending my love far away
With a piece of my heart
And a tear for each day
That i cried
So there must be a reason for living
There must be a reason for loving
It's all right
It's all right
Tag 4:
Will anyone really care
If i just walk away
With a tear in each eye
And a reason not to stay?
Does anyone really know me?
Does anyone really care?
Is there anybody there?